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Rockwell's established lining system can transform railway arches from dark and damp environments into pleasant work, storage, retail or leisure space.

The economical and established railway arch lining system which has proved effective for many years provides the arch with a robust lining offering excellent longevity.

The system comprises high impact plastic lining sheets which are flexible enough to adapt to each arch and will cold curve to match most vaulted ceilings.

The corrugated lining ensures any water that has permeated the arch brickwork is directed around the arch into floor level soak away, gutters or drainage channels.

Lining sheets are fixed to composite plastic battens which are fixed directly to the arch brickwork. The nature of the installation allows the system to remain completely demountable to allow arch structures to be easily inspected.

The corrugated white lining sheets are manufactured using a combination of materials extruded in a bi-orientated process to give double the traction impact resistance of comparable PVC sheets.

Battens and sheets are completely water and rodent proof plus offer good chemical resistance.

For internal lining applications Rockwell white PVC sheets can expect to have a useful life in excess of 25 years.

Rockwood WPC composite battens are extremely robust yet flexible enough to follow uneven brickwork.

High quality austenitic fixings are manufactured from 304 series stainless steel to give the ultimate system durability.