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Multiwall polycarbonate sheet with a 1.4mm thick solid polycarbonate reinforced external layer

CarboPLUS+ ULTRA is a multiwall polycarbonate sheet reinforced with a 1.4mm thick UV protected external layer.

Combining the impact resistance of a solid sheet with the rigidity and insulation of a multiwall polycarbonate sheet, CarboPLUS+ ULTRA is a popular choice for roofing and glazing applications where impact strength and security is paramount.

10mm Honeycomb CarboPLUS+ ULTRA
U-Value: 2.50W/m2 K
Light Transmission: c.63% Clear Sheet, 43% Opal Sheet

16mm Honeycomb CarboPLUS+ ULTRA
U-Value: 1.99W/m2 K
Light Transmission: c.60% Clear Sheet, 35% Opal Sheet

20mm Honeycomb CarboPLUS+ ULTRA
U-Value: 1.80W/m2 K
Light Transmission: c.56% Clear Sheet, 30% Opal Sheet

CarboPLUS+ ULTRA multiwall polycarbonate sheets are available in standard stock sheet sizes of 6mtr (l) x 2100mm (w) from which sheets can be supplied cut to suit customer requirements.

With its tough 1.4mm external layer, CarboPLUS+ ULTRA provides excellent resistance to accidental or deliberate impact, extreme weather conditions and hailstones.

Versatile CarboPLUS+ ULTRA can be cold curved on site (Min Radii - 2000mm/10mm, 3000mm/16mm and 4000mm/20mm) to be utilised for projects where an arc or barrel vault glazing is required.

10mm and 16mm thick CarboPLUS+ ULTRA are also fire rated Euroclass B s1 d0 (equivalent to a UK Class 0).

Rockwell can also supply a wide rage of glazing bars and finishing accessories to compliment the installation of CarboPLUS+ ULTRA.